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Our Committee

Tadpoles Community Pre-School is managed by our Committee Members, the committee and it’s members are vital in ensuring the smooth running of our charity organisation.

Volunteering to become a member of our committee offers an ideal opportunity for you to become more involved in your child’s education and you will be able to make a difference to how Tadpoles is managed to ensure the highest standards of care and education are delivered to the children and families within the local community. 

Our Annual General Meeting is held at the start of the Autumn term and then subsequent monthly meetings are held to plan ‘fundraising’ events, share new ideas and discuss future plans.

Together, the committee members form the trustees of our charity and take the role of our Ofsted ‘Registered Person’

Our current committee members are:


• Chair Person – Hayley Holcroft

Secretary-Natalie Englefield


Dan Englefield-Treasurer


General Member Stephanie Paz


General Member Vicky Watkins


General Member Vanessa Eagle


General Member Mark Appleby

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