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Fees and Funding

Our Fees

Set out below are our standard fees for sessions in our pre-school. We also accept e-vouchers and you will find more information on this below. But, if you have any further questions please call us today on  01276402588 or simply fill in our contact form here.


As of the 1st March 2022 our fees will be:

2 year olds/ 3 year olds and above:

  • Morning session (8:45 - 11:45): £21.00/£19..50

  • Afternoon session (12:30 - 15:30): £21.00/£19.50

  • Morning with lunch (8:45 - 12:30): £26.25/£24.37

  • Lunch and afternoon (11:45 - 15:30): £26.25/£24.37

  • All day (8:45 - 15:30): £47.25/£43.87

  • Early Club (8:15 - 8:45): £4.60/£4.60

  • Lunch Club (11:45 - 12:30): £5.25/£4.87


You are required to pay for the sessions your child has been allocated, not just those that your child attends. Payment must be made calendar monthly in advance and can be made by BACS, cash or cheque.

Early Years Education Funding

15 hours universal funding:

Tadpoles is registered with the Hampshire Services for Young Children. Children aged 3 and 4 are entitled to access up to 15 hours a week over 38 weeks of free Early Years Education. This is a total of 570 hours in each 12 month period from the date your child becomes eligible. This means we are able to offer the universal government funded 15 hours a week to children from the term after their 3rd birthday.


30 hours extended funding:

On top of the ‘universal’ entitlement of 570 hours of free early years education, children aged 3 and 4 may also be able to benefit from an additional 570 hours from 1 September 2017. For more information and to check your eligibility and apply for the extended funding ‘here’.


2 Year old Early Years Education funding:

This is part of a national offer from the Department for Education (DfE) and has been developed to improve outcomes for identified two year olds who would benefit from access to high quality early years and childcare provision.

Eligible children are entitled to access up to 15 hours a week over 38 weeks of free Early Years Education, this is a total of 570 hours in each 12 month period.


Your 2 year old can have free early education and childcare if you claim welfare benefits or your child is looked after by the local authority or has additional needs.

Childcare Vouchers:

At Tadpoles we realise that Parents need to work and want to help you achieve the right balance for your child and your family. The childcare voucher scheme can help parents save a lot of money so we are pleased to accept Childcare Vouchers as part of payment for your child’s care.


We accept both paper and e-vouchers.

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