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We are relocating our Forest School grounds at the moment! So please keep a look out for exciting new updates! 

Forest School


"Overall, children show high levels of interest. They explore, investigate and are keen to find things out. They benefit from an abundance of opportunities to play outdoors, including regular visits to woodland during forest school experiences. Children learn about the natural environment and benefit from physical activity." Ofsted Report January 2020

The Forest School approach is an inspirational approach to supporting children’s natural and holistic development and learning. Taking risks is a natural part of children’s learning, development and play, a child’s ability to take risks and manage their own safety is an important aspect of their development and an essential life skill for now and later on.

The Forest School approach provides children with the opportunity to encounter risks in a real life situation, in order to support each child’s progression in developing appropriate risk taking behaviors and enabling them to challenge their own abilities.

We are proud to be able to offer children the opportunity to participate in Forest School sessions. Our Forest School sessions are run by a qualified and experienced Forest School leader, comprehensive risk-assessments are also carried out in order to ensure the safety of our Forest School site and all activities offered to the children. This allows the children to become truly immersed in the Forest School approach, and to take risks in a safe and secure environment.


The Forest School rules:

  • We can climb trees if we have an adult with us because they can catch us if we fall or help us if we get stuck.

  • We can look at bugs and insects but we need to put them back with their families afterwards because otherwise they will be sad!

  • We can play with sticks but we need to keep the sticks down low because they might poke someone in the eye!

  • We can watch the fire but we must never run through fire circle because we could trip and fall onto the fire and really hurt ourselves!

  • If I hear my teacher shout 1,2,3 where are you we shout back very loudly 1,2,3 were here because my teachers need to know where I am so that I am safe!

  • If my teachers call 1,2,3 come back to me I must go straight back as quickly as I can because it could me an emergency!


What your child will need:



We ask all of our children (and adults) to wear long sleeved tops and full-length trousers whatever the weather.

  • Cold/Wet: Layers, layers and more layers (if we get too hot we can always take a layer off); hats, gloves and scarfs; we provide waterproof suits for all children.

  • Hot/Sunny: Light, long-sleeved cotton tops; light, full-length trousers; sun hats and sun cream.


Wellies (although they can be a little chilly in winter so some thick socks too) or sturdy walking boots

Important note: 

We have also been known to occasionally get a little bit muddy (or a lot) so please bear this in mind when dressing your child. The children are provided with full waterproof suits during each session. The children are very independent in getting all of their own coats, hats, gloves etc on themselves and are encouraged to do so. Please name all of their items so that this helps to keep them safe. 


If you have any questions or would like more information on our Forest School please contact Kacey our Forest School Leader on 01276402588

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