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Forest School area/Allotment area is now located within our garden and is used daily for snack time and lunch times in the warmer weather days as well as throughout the day with a teacher. We are a free flow setting and after registration is done the door to the garden will be open for the remainder of the day abeling children to access indoors or outdoors as they please. As we know children learn through play and through what interests them so where we have access to indoors or outdoors at all times throughout their day we find we get more out of the children during our teachable moments in a fun and exciting way.

In our Forest school area we learn about nature, animals and bugs, and the changing of the seasons.
We plant various flowers in their so that we have somewhere for our caterpillars that we get every year to go when they become butterflies. We talk to the children about why the butterflies need the flowers and teach them about lots of other life cycles too! Such as birds which we learn first hand after various birds nest in our Forest School area.

We grow our own vegetables such as carrots, onions, cucumbers, pumpkins and our own fruits such as strawberries and many more! The children are included in the whole process from planting the seeds, to watering them daily and to picking the final produce and the best bit tasting the final fruit or vegetables! 

We also learn to care for our animals, insects and the plants and flowers that we grow here. We feel this area teaches the children allot and is also lots of great fun too!

Forest School Area and Our Allotment Area is based inside our garden:

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