Tadpoles was opened over 20 years ago! Our room is based within the campus of Frogmore Infant and Junior school and placed nearer to the Frogmore Junior School within the old children center building. We also have our beautiful forest school based at the back of the Frogmore Junior school field.  


Our Gardening area:

This is just a small section of our very large garden that we are lucky to have at Tadpoles. The children love to plant and grow fruit, vegetables and flowers here. All children have access to this area and quite often use it to have snack or picnic lunches in on summery days! 

Gardening area complete.jpg
Bench in gardening area.jpg

Forest School:

This is located at the back of  the Frogmore Junior School field. We hold Forest School sessions on most days so all children are able to attend. 

Forest School.jpg

Our scooter park:

All children across both rooms have access to it! It is based next to Moulsham rooms garden. 

scooter park.jpg

Tadpoles Classroom

Tadpoles Rainbow.jpg

Our Mud Pit and Forestry Area:

This is another small section of our large garden. Here the children create mud pies, enjoy digging and transporting, and make lots of different pretend potions in our saucepans!

Outside area Moulsham.jpg

Our Yearly Millers Ark Farm Visit

We do this every year as a treat before our leavers go up to school and for all of our children before the summer holidays to celebrate the year they have all had at Tadpoles.

Full farm 2.jpg
Donkeys 2.jpg

This is something we try to fund raise to do every year! It is such a fantastic learning experience for all of the children and they really love to care for and name all of the chicks to!