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Tadpoles Community pre-school relies heavily on fundraising and contributions from parents and the local community to provide the very best equipment and facilities for our children.

The fundraising committee organises a varied programme of events and activities throughout the year to generate income for the pre-school.

For example recently we raised enough money to buy all brand new bikes for the children to use within our scooter park!

A Fund Raising meeting is held each month, during which we plan for and co-ordinate upcoming events and bounce off new ideas to raise more funds. Please feel free to come along, Tadpoles really does value and need your support. Join us for a cup of tea, have a chat on 01276402588 and see what it is all about.

Chameleon create!
This is something we do each year! Your child creates a master piece at Tadpoles and we send them off to Chameleon who personalise many different items such as jumpers, tea towels and even wrapping paper with your child's art work! They all make lovely Christmas presents!

Also 10 percent of all the earnings made from the items bought comes back to Tadpoles fundraising account which goes towards new equipment and resources for the children at Tadpoles. So if you would like to get personalised Christmas presents whilst supporting Tadpoles then please do keep an eye out for a leaflet inside your child's bag around October time. 

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