“Children learn more during their early years than any other time in their learning lives”.


All children need love and nurturing to develop a sense of trust and security that later turns into confidence as they grow. Love, affection, encouragement and stimulation are key elements for your child’s growth, learning and development.

This is why it is important to choose the right pre-school for you and ultimately, your child. Please take a look around our website to find out more about us and how we differentiate to other pre-schools here at Tadpoles.


To book a place at Tadpoles please complete the application form on the ‘Apply’ page or if you have an questions, please do not hesitate to Contact us on 01252 871995

Our Tadpoles Building...
Gardening area
Our Gardening Area
Where the children plant all types of seeds such as vegetables,fruits and flowers seeds. Once the Fruit and vegetables are grown, ripe and ready to eat the children choose which ones they would like in the cafe. The children also use this area to observe insects and birds and other animals that come to visit!
Picninc bench
This picnic bench is within our lovely garden area. The children can eat their lunch or snack here in the spring and summer time.
Mud pit and Forestry Area
We are very luckjy at Tadpoles to have such a large garden area. This is a small section of our garden where the children make all sorts of mud pies and potions and use lots of physical skills to dig and transport mud to other areas to create lots of different objects such as a big volcano, a home for their dinosaurs or even a hill for their fairy land!
Scooter Park
This is attached to our garden and the children love to ride the bikes and scooters around the tyres and use them as a race track!
Art Area
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